GASP Leadership - 2016-2017

 Governance      Program Areas
 Past President
 Region 1
 Region 2
 Region 3
 Region 4
 Region 5
 Region 6
 Region 7
 Region 8
 Region 9
 Region 10
  Susan Bryant
  Micheal Maier
  Christy Hagan
  Christy Jaffe
  Stephanie Tatum      
  Janine Sheedy
  Wendy Fuhrman
  Jammie Johnson
  Travis Bonner
  Maria Torres Villa
  Amy Pierce
  Ashley McElheney
  Janeice Blankenship
  Brannon Parks
  Melanie Watson
  Ashley Webb
  Steve Corkery

   External Relations & Communications-
       Courtney Holley

   Operational Excellence-
       Cathy McCkenzie & Susan Bryant

   Professional Competency-
       Steve Corkery

       Kimberly Evans & Matthew Vignieri

   Member Services-
       Nancy Schusterman

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